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Amicable Divorce Is Possible for Celebrities and Others

People in McKinney often hear stories in the news or from friends and family about the difficulties, angst and emotional upheaval that descends upon husbands and wives who have made the decision to divorce. While this does happen often, considering a collaborative law approach can help families maintain respect and courtesy through the process. Goals for the end result can be determined and set. Disagreements can be worked through.

Celebrities usually make headlines with intimate details of their divorce disagreements readily available for all to note. Activities, particularly disagreements or unusual behaviors, tend to be broadcast everywhere. Contested actions can become a public theater.

An example of a respectful approach to separation is the Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr separation. It’s not about the reasons for their decision to separate. The process doesn’t rely on information about new relationships that may have begun with other people. In an interview, the young father stated it is about handling the unpredictability of married life and parenting with loving concern.

The stars have a young son together. According to Mr. Bloom, they believe they will be in each other’s lives outside of their marriage through their love for him. The actor’s representative reports that the couple has been together for six years. They were married for three years when they made public their respectful separation in October. Reports are they have been seen together many times over the past few months when spending time with their soon-to-be 3-year-old.

Celebrity or not, amicably handling life’s very difficult situations such as divorce benefits couples and their children immediately and long-term. With collaborative law efforts, advocates working through the complex and challenging details are able to focus on the best possible outcomes.

Divorce, sorting out child custody and support issues or working through pre-nuptial agreements can benefit from the collaborative law process. Through the commitment of the parties, collaboration can lessen the emotional stress involved in these matters. This will allow for sound decisions and a clear understanding of the changes to come.