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Protecting Your Kids During a Texas Divorce

As Texas parents, we all want what is best for our children. When it comes to divorce, however, it can be hard to know exactly what that means. What should we include in our child custody agreement, for example, and how will the property division affect our families?

Before you get to those steps, though, pause to consider your vision for your divorce and how it will impact your kids. Divorce experts say there are a few simple tips that can ease the effects felt by children as their parents are splitting up.

First, Texas families are urged to consider amicable divorce alternatives such as collaborative divorce. These methods are proven to have a lower impact on children, and they also save money and time. Mediation can help both you and your ex-spouse get the parenting time you need instead of relying on the courts to spell out your child custody agreement. Litigation can drag on, exposing your kids to serious stress and indirect financial strain. Collaborative decisions are often the best for conscientious families.

In addition to pursuing a collaborative divorce, every family should consider consulting a qualified mental health professional. Your kids may not understand the divorce and need someone with whom they can be completely honest. A therapist is a great person to fill that role. The therapist can also help emphasize to children that the divorce is not their fault. This is an important message. Kids can also benefit from their parents seeing a therapist. By having a therapist of their own to talk to, the adults will be less likely to vent their frustration while their children are around.

Ultimately, your Texas divorce should be kept between you and your spouse. Avoid getting your kids too involved, as they have emotional concerns of their own. Often, you can act in the best interests of your children by simply minimizing their exposure to the complicated processes involved in a divorce.