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Understanding Fathers' Custody Rights in Texas

The traditional stereotype that fathers are the breadwinner in the family, with the mother serving as the primary caretaker, has shifted dramatically in recent years. In the past, there was no question that fathers faced an uphill battle throughout the divorce process. There existed an assumption that awarding custody to the mother was always in the child's best interest. Luckily, this outdated way of thinking is no longer the norm and has moved its way through Texas courts.

What Other Custody Issues Do Fathers Face in Texas?

Our father's rights attorneys can help you handle more than just custody cases, we can help you navigate:

  • Paternity actions - If you find yourself involved in a paternity case, you may be concerned about how the outcome could impact your life. Our team will help you protect your rights and ensure you're prepared to approach the case from the correct angles.
  • Adoptions - Fathers must establish paternity before they can adopt a child. We'll work with you throughout the adoption process, guiding you towards a positive outcome.
  • Child support disputes - Many fathers fear they'll receive an unfair judgment in their child support case stemming from their paternal status. We'll safeguard your rights and help you push for an equitable outcome.
  • Parental rights cases - If another parent attempts to terminate your parental rights, we'll help you defend against false allegations and fight for your rights in and out of court.

Just because you and your spouse no longer want to share a life doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your relationship with your children. The relationship between a father and child is just as meaningful as that between a mother and child.

Our lawyers help fathers ensure they receive the fair treatment they deserve in and out of court. To schedule a consultation with our team, contact us online or via phone at (214) 225-6766.

What Are the Obstacles to Texas Fathers' Rights During Custody Cases?

Frequently, both parents are fighting for custody of their children. Suppose your wife refuses to budge on custody decisions. In that case, we will aggressively represent you in all aspects and pursue the best outcome possible to give you continued access to your children post-divorce.

Conversely, it's unfortunately not uncommon for a mother to allege that her husband was abusive or neglected a child to sway the court into believing that the father is unfit to care for their child. Our attorneys have experience with cases involving false accusations of abuse, alcohol or drug dependency, and many more.

Defending Fathers Against False Allegations in Texas

Our attorneys can help you:

  • Gather evidence you can present to the court, supporting your capability as a parent;
  • Help you defend your parental rights, including protecting you against false accusations;
  • Pursue a custody or visitation timeshare that enables your child to thrive and ensure you spend as much time as you deserve with your child;
  • Work with the other party to negotiate an equitable custody arrangement (if you wish to resolve the situation amicably), or;
  • Litigate your case in court, providing you the fierce legal representation you deserve to safeguard your rights and best interests.

Child custody issues can be very emotional and complicated for everyone involved, if you're like most parents, the main goal is to provide a secure and loving environment for your children. Our Dallas father's rights attorneys stand ready to help you protect your rights as a father and receive the outcome you deserve in your case.

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