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Not all court cases end when the court passes down a judgment. If you believe the court mishandled your case or you received an unfair judgment, filing for an appeal can help you obtain a more positive outcome.

Our Dallas appeals lawyers can help you identify whether or not filing for an appeal is the best way to move forward with your case and, if so, work with you to advocate for a more equitable outcome in court.

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Should I File for an Appeal?

Generally, people file for an appeal due to one of two reasons:

  1. They believe the court failed to consider all the facts relevant to the case. For example, a new witness testimony could change the case's outcome, so if another witness steps forward post-judgment, filing for an appeal may be a good move.
  2. They believe the court misinterpreted the law. If your lawyer thinks the court failed to recognize a certain legal precedent or apply the law correctly in your case, they may wish to appeal the outcome to rectify that error.

Filing and obtaining an appeal can take a significant amount of time and resources, including presenting your case to an appellate court to potentially receive a different judgment.

Our attorneys can help you understand whether filing for an appeal is the right move given your circumstances and, if so, move forward with the appeals process.

Experienced Child Support Appeal Lawyers in Dallas

Our attorneys understand the complexity of a child support case and are prepared to guide you through the process of appealing your child support judgment, even if you are pleased with the initial results.

Why Would I Want to Appeal My Child Support Case?

Child support is calculated using a mandatory formula that includes, among other dollar amounts, each parent's income. It is possible to deviate from the formula in some situations. For example, if one parent earns a significantly large income, it may be necessary and possible to deviate from the guidelines. If one parent believes that the trial court was incorrect in determining the amount of child support, they can appeal the decision.

You must act within a specific time frame when appealing a child support decision. The individual filing for appeal must request child support findings within ten days of the child support hearing.

Our appellate attorneys recognize the time-sensitive nature of appeals and can act swiftly to ensure that all deadlines are met. Child support findings provide our attorneys with information to bolster their arguments and help sway the decision in your favor. As with any decision involving children, our attorneys and the court will always be motivated by the children's best interest.

Appealing a Property Division Case

If you feel that a trial court was incorrect in determining the division of property, assets, and liabilities in a divorce proceeding, you can appeal the decision. To do so, you must act within a short time frame and take certain steps to appeal. With an attorney's help, you can feel confident that the deadlines and efforts will be met and handled appropriately.

When appealing, the plaintiff may argue that the court made an error involving the facts of the divorce or applying the law. Perhaps an individual did not consider the asset's actual value, or the court did not honor a valid prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

It is possible to appeal the court's decision with help from an appellate lawyer. The attorneys of Verner Brumley Mueller Parker in Dallas are prepared to help you prosecute or defend a property division appeal. We handle many types of property division cases, including those involving highly compensated professionals and business owners.

Our law firm can ensure that you meet the specific deadlines for appealing the decision and handle all procedural elements. We are well-versed in all aspects of complex and high-asset property division, protecting our clients' rights and financial interests at all stages of divorce and post-divorce.

To work with our attorneys and appeal a family law case such as a child support or property division dispute, contact us online or via phone at (214) 225-6766.

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