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If you are a survivor/victim of domestic violence, please consider contacting the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 1-800-799-7233 or texting 1-800-787-3224. This list of domestic violence resources in the DFW area may also be helpful for you. Stay safe - we're here for you.

If you're involved in a domestic violence case, a restraining order can give you the protection you need to stay safe while the court handles your case.

At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC, our Dallas domestic violence attorneys are committed to helping survivors/victims of domestic violence receive the competent legal counsel they deserve.

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How Do I Get a Protective Order in TX?

In Texas, restraining orders are called "protective orders."

You can obtain one of three protective orders in Texas:

  1. A magistrate's order of emergency protection (also known as an emergency protective order or EPO);
  2. A temporary ex parte protective order (TPO), or;
  3. A permanent protective order (PPO).

Emergency protective orders are typically administered in situations where a law enforcement officer or the court believes an individual is in immediate danger of suffering bodily harm or further abuse at another individual's hands. Frequently, EPOs are handed out when officers make onsite arrests in domestic violence cases. An EPO is probably the least common kind of protective order.

A TPO is more common. To acquire a TPO, an individual must present their case to a judge. If the judge believes the plaintiff (the individual filing for the protective order) is in danger of suffering from more abuse, they may administer a TPO until the court can hold an official hearing.

TPOs contain various protections for survivors/victims of domestic violence, such as preventing an alleged abuser from coming with a certain distance of the plaintiff or residing in the same home.

After handing down an EPO or TPO, the court typically schedules a date for an official hearing.

At the hearing, both parties appear and have the opportunity to present their case and evidence supporting it to the judge.

If the judge rules in favor of the plaintiff and decides a permanent protective order (PPO) is necessary, they can sign one into law. A PPO can order a convicted abuser:

  • Not to hurt, threaten, or harass the plaintiff or other individuals;
  • To maintain a certain degree of distance from the plaintiff;
  • Not to carry a weapon such as a gun, even if they have a license;
  • To pay for child support and medical support if the case involves any children;
  • To attend anger management courses and regular drug testing (as well as substance management courses if illegal substances play a role in the case);
  • To exit a residence they shared with the plaintiff;
  • To maintain a certain visitation schedule with any children related to either party (if the court establishes visitation).

Despite what the name may imply, not all PPOs are permanent. Although PPOs can last for life, the standard duration of a PPO is two years, after which the plaintiff can file for an extension if they believe it's necessary.

Our Dallas domestic violence attorneys will tirelessly advocate for your rights, doing everything in their power to help you receive the protection and support you deserve during your domestic violence dispute.

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