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Father Seeks Custody of Abandoned Infant

What do you do if your wife chooses to abandon your child without your consent? A Texas man is currently fighting for custody of an 8-month-old boy whom he believes was abandoned at a fire station by his wife earlier this month. His wife, with whom he is living, allegedly abandoned the infant and was untruthful with him regarding the child’s location.

Firefighters had apparently found the boy outside the Houston station. The child was apparently unharmed and was placed in foster care by Child Protective Services. It is legal to abandon one’s child in Texas, but only under certain conditions. Under Texas’ Safe Haven law, parents are able to leave their infant with an employee at designated places, such as hospitals or fire stations. To do so, the child must be no more than 60 days old and must unharmed.

Because the conditions were not met in this case, Child Protective Services had to get involved. The mother, who turned up at an emergency hearing on the issue, said that she was simply unable to continue caring for the child. The father, who wants to care for the child, is now in the position of having to establish his paternity of the child

It isn’t clear exactly why the child was abandoned, or whether the father is fit to care for the child at present. The latter issue is one that will interest the court handling the case.

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