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Texas Mother Accused of Violating Child Custody Order

While the courts in Texas usually try to err on the side of caution when making a determination in a custodial case, the authorities must also ensure that the people involved respect and abide by the decision that was made. It is not always easy; however, it is necessary that everyone cooperates for their own sake as well as for the sake of the child or children involved.

That is the main reason why child custody cases are often challenged by both parents although they are both well aware that the parent who is given primary custody of the child is likely to continue as the custodian. However, it is not an easy decision for a parent to give up custody of his or her child, no matter what the reason. The emotional distress that a parent has to undergo in these types of circumstances may make him or her ignores the decision and the possible consequences.

This was recently the case in Texas, where four children had been taken away from their mother and placed in the custody of a relative after a narcotics raid had been conducted at the mother’s residence. The mother had only been allowed to visit the children under official watch, but she subsequently lied to her relatives about having permission to take the children away with her.

Currently, the authorities are conducting a search for the mother and her children. As a result, she will probably be punished for her illegal actions once she is located.

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