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Why Should Divorcing Couples Consider Collaborative Law?

Divorces affect the emotional and financial condition of all parties involved. Obtaining a divorce through litigation often gives rise to a series of disputes and scuffles that ultimately may negatively impact both spouses for life.

Collaborative law in Texas gives divorcing couples the option to cooperate and resolve the issues of divorce through the process of mediation, which allows all parties to work with each other to reach a resolution that is agreeable to and benefits all parties concerned. The process also saves the time that otherwise would have been consumed by litigation.

During the collaborative process of divorce, separating spouses attend several meetings in the presence of a neutral third party, known as the mediator, who provides expert guidance to help the parties reach a solution after considering the requests and needs of both parties. This process yields an outcome that is mutually acceptable to divorcing parties because they have devised it themselves.

The benefit of the collaborative process is that the outcome is not dependent on a judge or any other person who will not be affected by the results of the court’s decision. The mediator is required to remain impartial and does nothing other than assisting the negotiations between the divorcing parties.

Collaborative law has certain unique rewards and its approach helps both spouses by giving them enough control to carve out an agreement that leaves no room for unfairness. The collaborative process also reduces stress on the children involved, along with the separating couple. Lawyers at The Parker Firm have the experience to help guide divorcing couples through the collaborative approach.

Unlike the process of litigation, collaborative law provides adequate privacy and leaves room for innovative solutions to address existing conflicts of interest. Our Dallas divorce attorneys handle each case with care and will administer honest feedback and provide support through each step of the journey.