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Banker Seeks Refund of Child Support in Custody Dispute in Texas

When the relationship between a couple becomes irreparably damaged, there often exists tension or bad blood between them and if they do not get the benefit of calm and experienced legal counsel, the tension may spill over into court, thereby leading to a prolonged conflict. An example of such a conflict is often visible in child custody disputes between a husband and wife following their divorce.

A case in point is the custody battle going on between a banker and his ex-wife, with the banker having requested a Texas court for permission to stop paying money for child support to his wife, as well as to recover from her all the money paid to date.

If the court rules in the banker’s favor, the wife may be left financially hamstrung so as not to be able to properly provide for their two children who have been temporarily put in his custody. On an earlier occasion, the husband used the fact that his wife had an abortion following their divorce to turn the tide of the custody dispute in his favor by seeking to portray her as an unfit mother.

The mother had also sworn before the court during the custody hearing of not having had any relationships with other men following the divorce and hence she could also be held guilty of perjury if the latter claim can be established. However, given the manner in which the dispute has been progressing and the allegations and complexities involved, both parties could strengthen their legal position by obtaining expert legal advice on this matter, if they have not already done so.