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Texas Noncustodial Parents Owe Billions in Child Support Payments

Irrespective of whether parents can raise their children together, it is their obligation to ensure that the children are raised with all their needs being addressed. This is, after all, what any parent would want for their child, whether in McKinney, Texas or elsewhere.

When the children are being raised by only one of the parents, and child support arrangements dictate that the other parent bear some of the costs of raising them, violating such arrangements is an act of irresponsibility which can be legally penalized if the custodial parent were to file a lawsuit. Sadly, despite such legal protections, a percentage of noncustodial parents tend to skip making child support payments.

This phenomenon, while shocking, is by no means rare, as statistics compiled by the Office of Child Support Enforcement reveal. For instance, as of 2012, there were in excess of one million child support cases with payments outstanding in Texas alone. In total, the amount of these payments topped the $10 billion mark, representing a nearly one-third increase since 2008.

Most of these non-paying parents are men, meaning single mothers are often left to fend for themselves and their children. Nationwide the number of outstanding cases hovers around the 11 million marks, or an amount due of over $110 billion.

Such cases are in direct violation of the stipulation that noncustodial parents must bear child support costs till the children reach adulthood, per Texas law. Also mandated is the payment of a certain percentage of this parent’s income. This percentage is higher if there are more children the custodial parent has to care for.

Given the staggering statistics, compensation may not come easily. Partners who fail to receive child support payments are eligible to take the legal route, although it may be useful to talk to a lawyer first.

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