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Some Common Questions Pertaining to Child Support in Texas

Texas residents are aware that divorce can be very hard on children. They are suddenly confronted by the sad reality of parents going their separate ways. In addition, parents may sometimes be so obsessed with their own problems that they pay little attention to their children’s needs. In many divorce cases, the courts give child custody to one parent and order the other parent to pay child support.

The Attorney General of Texas has initiated a Child Support Interactive website for parents who wish to obtain information regarding their case. From the CSI, the parent may get information regarding their case status, payment record, dates when the case can come up for hearing in the court and so on. The custodial parent can login with an eight-digit Customer Identification Number and a four-digit Personal Identification Number. In case the parent does not have a CIN, the individual can request one and ask for it to be mailed to the person’s address.

The custodial parent would need the eight-digit identification number and Social Security number for logging into the CSI home page. In Texas, as elsewhere in the country, a custodial parent is the one who has primary custody of the child. The non-custodial parent does not have primary custody of the child but has the obligation to pay child support.

The child support payment may be sent to the Texas State Disbursement Unit. In order to ensure that the child support payment is credited to the payer, the individual needs to ensure that the check has the name, the 10-digit case number, the cause number (which is the identification number that has established the child support case) and also the custodial parent’s name on the check.