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Texas Mother Fights for Custody of Her Child

Nature dictates that every parent should be with their biological children until the children grow up and leave their metaphorical “nest.” With the breakdown of the family system, parents who get a divorce or parents who have children out of wedlock are often brought before a family court judge to fight a battle to win the custody of their biological children. The long bitter wars can take their toll on the child’s mental peace and well being.

In a bizarre child custody battle, a mother has been embroiled in a child custody battle over her nine-year-old daughter, not with the biological father of the daughter, but strangers not even related to the young girl. The mother claims that the daughter was kidnapped from her school two years ago. At face value, it might seem an easy battle to be won as one of the parties is the biological mother while the others are not even blood relatives. However, the complicated and heartbreaking child custody battle has been going on for years due to the complicated legal procedures and documentation attached to the unique case.

The story has two sides. The Texas couple who presently have the physical custody of the minor girl claim that not only were they, not strangers, the biological mother had legally transferred guardianship of the young girl to the couple. A legal investigation found that the papers allegedly transferring child custody were not properly made, which came as news to the couple.

The legal battle in child custody cases is often multi-faceted. The previous judge who looked into the case found that the couple had legal custody of the child. Furthermore, Child Protective Services were also repeatedly involved while the child was living with her mother, though no evidence suggested that the mother was in any way unfit as a parent, who also has other children under her care.

The child custody case has taken the legal community by storm as it is a uniquely complicated involving matter of state jurisdiction, child custody, guardianship, allegations of fraud as well as criminal allegations of kidnapping.

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