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Avoiding a Bitter Divorce Possible With Collaborative Law

Most Texans understand that a contentious divorce can be both emotionally draining and financially costly for both spouses. It can also drag on for months and even years in the most extreme cases. A bitter divorce also can create animosity that affects everyone in a family, including children. This is often seen with child custody disputes in particular.

So how do a couple and a family avoid all of this? Collaborative divorce may be the best option for these couples, especially if they are going to divorce anyway but want to avoid the anger and bitterness they see with other couples while keeping the time and expense to a minimum. In a collaborative law divorce, both spouses and their lawyers sit together and negotiate through the terms of their divorce and all of the issues involved, including child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. They only set foot in a courtroom when their deal is ready to be finalized and paperwork filed.

The services of an experienced lawyer who will protect the interests of a spouse are highly recommended. Our law firm has helped many couples reach fair and workable divorce agreements and move on with their lives without the lingering bad feelings that many divorced couples experience. We have helped save our clients time and money and kept their privacy intact. Our lawyers have the resources and skills to protect our clients’ best interests while resolving even the most difficult issues.

Whenever we take a case, we look at every angle and explore every option before letting the client know what we believe is the best option for him or her. If the collaborative law approach is not the best one for our client, then we will find the approach that will meet our client’s needs.