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Top 10 Reasons You Might Want a Premarital Agreement

  1. You realize that every marriage ends – either by divorce or death – and you want to address what will happen to your assets in both events by Premarital Agreement for divorce or by Will for death.
  2. You have an estate that you accumulated prior to your marriage with the person you intend to marry and you intend for that estate and its growth to remain yours to keep or to will to someone other than your intended spouse, like adult children of a prior relationship.
  3. You have an expectation of inheritance that you (and/or the person who intends to leave you the inheritance) want to remain yours, along with any growth thereon.
  4. You want to decide and memorialize, prior to marriage, how finances will be handled and by whom in your marriage.
  5. Your intended spouse has significant debt or risk of debt from which you wish to be protected.
  6. You have obligations or risks from which you wish to protect your intended spouse.
  7. You want to decide the financial terms by which you and your intended spouse will be divorced, if such an eventuality occurs, while you still love and trust each other, rather than after you dislike and distrust each other.
  8. You want to discourage your intended spouse from engaging in behavior that is intolerable to you by ensuring that you are paid a significant penalty amount if he or she does engage in this behavior.
  9. You want to be married to your intended spouse by rules that you and your intended spouse construct, rather than rules the state of Texas constructed.
  10. You want to know that your spouse isn’t marrying you for your money.