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Helpful Tips for Child Support Modification

Texas parents who have undergone divorce know how challenging it can be. Sometimes, it can prove immensely difficult to juggle work life and custody visits and child support payments. In some cases, a parent’s work-life will alter, making the juggling act incredibly challenging, if not impossible. These parents often need to seek a child support modification so that they are not financially ruined by the change in their life situation.

One of the most important things for parents who find themselves in this situation is to act quickly. Acting quickly will prevent unpaid amounts from piling up. Any arrears will not be able to be discharged in bankruptcy and it is not possible to reduce them retroactively. By acting quickly, Texas parents can ensure that they do not get stuck with debts they cannot pay.

Next, it can be helpful to try to work it out with the other parent. If this does not work, then gathering as much documentation as possible can be a helpful next step. In order to acquire a child support modification, a significant life change will need to be demonstrated. This can be done by proving that the parent now earns significantly less money or that the parent is actively seeking employment but is unable to succeed in securing a job.

Lastly, it can be immensely helpful to seek out legal aid during this process. Child supportĀ modification can be a hugely challenging undertaking. However, it is not one that parents have to undergo alone. With an attorney at their side, parents can make sure that every necessary step is taken. By doing so, a parent can rest easy, knowing that they will not be financially devastated by their change in circumstance.