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Throwback Thursday – Famous Historical Divorces


The world was captivated by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor’s tumultuous relationship from the very beginning the two got together on the set of Cleopatra in 1963, while married to other people. Over thirteen years, this glamorous couple had one of the most passionate love stories in Hollywood history.

Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times and two of them were to Richard Burton. So scandalous was their union that the Vatican denounced their relationship as an affront to morality. Allegedly, they would rent three suites when they checked into hotels. One above and another below their own. The couple reasoned, they could contain the noise brought on by their legendary screaming matches and later making up.  There was a much darker side to their relationship brought on by how much Richard drank, the more he drank the more he became a Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde character. He was passionately in love with Elizabeth but when he drank too much he turned on her. He lashed out at her and the world she brought him into and she painfully felt the lash. Their tumultuous relationship kept them in the papers for years including their divorce in 1974, remarriage in 1975, and their final split a year later.

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