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Jim Mueller: U.S. Divorce Rate Has Dropped

A groom stands behind his bride with his arms around her. Their hands are stacked and she is holding two gold wedding bands.

A new study has found that Millennials are getting divorced at a lower rate because a lot of them either aren’t getting married at all or are marrying much later in life and are financially stable.

What we see now is that Millennials aren’t getting married until later in life when they’re careers are established and they have financial independence. They’re not doing what we saw in previous generations where at age 19 or 20 people would get married and jump into life quickly. It’s changed the dynamic of millennial marriages.

Today kids are told to live with each other first and get to know each other before jumping into marriage. They seem to know each other a little better before getting married.

That’s definitely happening, but also what we’re seeing is much more premarital agreements, or if they’re going to live together they’re creating a cohabitation agreement so that they’re not establishing a common law marriage. It’s fascinating to see how these relationships have changed; some even say marriage isn’t for them at all.

I think that money and financial stability give you a better chance of making your marriage work than if you jump into it dirt poor.

The difference between these people who waited 5-10 years versus those who didn’t, we don’t see as many problems with infidelity as much as financial issues. Money seems to be the largest cause of problems within marriages, and millennials go into their later marriages thinking ‘that’s mine and I want to protect it.'”