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How Long Does It Take to Finalize My Divorce?

A Desire for Speed

Everyone would love it if a painful situation that they had to face could end as quickly as possible. Many going through a divorce would prefer if the process could go by as quickly as they filed, but unfortunately divorcing in Texas does not work that way. Time must pass in order for a divorce to finalize.

Minimum Requirements

Texas law requires that at least 60 days occur between the time of filing and the time of finalizing the divorce. This period is designed to allow for divorcing couples to discuss any potential settlement agreement prior to the hearing as well as allowing for any possible reconciliation. Once this time passes, a judge can declare the divorce as final and make it official. However, even this 60-day time frame is incredibly optimistic.

An uncontested divorce, one where there is little to no argument over issues such as property division or child custody, may actually be able to finalize very soon after this 60 day period passes. On the other hand, if the divorce is highly contested with these types of issues surrounding it, then you should expect your divorce to take a longer time.

Can the Process Be Sped Up?

In a way, you can work to speed up your divorce process while still following Texas law. If you and your spouse can come to terms on the final divorce agreement without taking the case to court, then it is possible to stay close to the mandatory 60-day waiting period.

Coming to terms on a divorce agreement is possible but takes work and effective communication. Having a quick divorce process as motivation can help you work through things, but be careful not to compromise on issues without giving yourself a fair shot at what is yours.

How Attorneys Help

Having the right attorney does not remove the 60 day waiting period requirement, but your attorney can help the process feel like it is not taking as long as you think. Allowing them to handle the legal process and keeping you informed can bring you peace of mind.

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