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How to Agree on Settlement Terms With Your Spouse

Working Together to Find a Solution

Many people who prepare to go through a divorce fear that the final outcome will be out of their control when, in reality, more and more couples who get a divorce end up working together on a settlement agreement. Whether such an agreement comes about through mediation or attorney negotiation, it is possible to collaborate with your spouse in a divorce. Here are some tips that will help agreement become possible.

Be Willing to Work Together and Communicate

The first step in working with your spouse on a settlement is having a willingness to do so despite how your relationship may have ended. As difficult as the circumstances may be, you have to be willing to sit down at the table and talk things out with your spouse about all of the issues you need to resolve.

Be Open and Honest About Your Needs and Wants

If you fail to communicate what you feel your needs and wants are in a divorce, you will never truly reach an agreement that is in your best interests. Even if conversations get difficult, whether you are aiming for a certain child custody schedule or have certain assets you wish to protect, you should be willing to discuss what you hope to achieve in your divorce.

Lean On Your Attorney

If you feel uncomfortable engaging directly with your spouse, whether on certain issues or in general, you can lean on your divorce attorney for assistance. Their skill in negotiation coupled with their objective mindset can help you work through even the most difficult issue in a divorce.

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