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Is Collaborative Law an Alternative to Divorce Litigation?

Collaborative law is becoming a popular choice with divorcing couples in Texas and elsewhere, threatening the traditional method of litigation with possible obsolescence in the future, as more people opt for the new alternative. In a collaborative divorce, couples try to work together throughout the process of divorce, which is why the option is more inviting than others; collaborative divorce is a process that is currently being implemented throughout the country.

In this method of dissolving a marriage, couples jointly work through the particulars of their divorce, which enables the individuals to be more accepting toward reaching a divorce agreement. Unlike the traditional method of divorce through court proceedings, divorce through collaborative law is easier for individuals to go through.

In the mediation process, a mediator acts as a referee between the individuals seeking resolution of their divorce, while the mediator remains a neutral third party. As a result, in mediation, the potential for misunderstanding or confusion remains, which is eliminated through the collaborative process. In a collaborative divorce, the parties are allowed to hire their own lawyers. The attorneys aid in providing a more lucid picture regarding each parties’ rights and liabilities.

The process of divorce through collaboration compels attorneys to concentrate solely on the dialogue between the individuals seeking a divorce and to use their professional skills to overcome any impasse. The process addresses all the necessary aspects of any divorce. Apart from ensuring an amicable separation, the collaborative process leaves both parties with a mutual understanding, agreementĀ and, ultimately, peace of mind that the divorce process was satisfactory and fair for both sides.