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Collaborative Law Is the New Mantra for Divorcing Couples

Collaborative law is fast becoming a popular divorce method in Texas. The traditional alternative method to litigation has been mediation, which may lose its usefulness with more people trying this new alternative. Collaborative law allows Dallas couples to use cooperative efforts to solve divorce issues without hostility.

Collaborative law enables divorcing couples to work out the particulars of the divorce together. When a divorce is settled through joint efforts, individuals are more accepting of the final divorce agreement. Unlike divorces decided in court, separation through collaborative law is easier on individuals because they can part amicably without appearing in court.

In a mediated divorce, an adviser umpires issues between the parties while remaining an objective third party to the divorce. Sometimes the mediation process provides an opportunity for misunderstanding or confusion. In a collaborative divorce, the parties can have individual lawyers who can provide a clearer picture of each party’s rights and other legal matters. Collaborative law was embraced in the United States half a decade ago with the adoption of the Uniform Collaborative Law Act. This law has been used in Texas along with more than half a dozen states across the country.

Experts say that the new law compels lawyers to concentrate entirely on the dialogue between divorcing parties and to use their expertise to overcome any gridlock. The law addresses all the crucial aspects of any divorce, such as legal matters, financial issues and the mental and emotional welfare of the parties involved. It often becomes the best choice for divorcing couples by virtue of its process. Collaborative law ensures an amicable separation with lasting mental peace. In cases where couples want to use collaborative law for their divorce, an experienced Dallas family law attorney could offer assistance.