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Reality Star Wages Court Battle Over Child Custody

Even though the State of Texas has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, this unhappy event is not uncommon in the state. A number of important issues come to the forefront when divorcing. Among them, child custody seems to be a current hot issue among celebrity divorces.

Reality TV star and businesswoman Bethenny Frankel is in a heated child custody battle with estranged husband Jason Hoppy over their 4-year-old daughter, Bryn. Frankel recently testified in court, asking for primary custody. She filed for divorce last year, after which, dealings with Hoppy were uncontrolled, according to Frankel. Hoppy, on the other hand, is seeking joint custody of their daughter. Frankel has refuted allegations regarding Hoppy’s expressed displeasure with being on TV in the past, and his unhappiness with their daughter being on TV. According to Frankel’s lawyer, the contested child custody case is about Hoppy taking revenge on Frankel, rather than about the best interests of the child. The dad’s dedication to fatherhood away from the television cameras was also questioned.

Hoppy was also accused of verbal abuse and changing the child’s diet without the mother’s knowledge. Frankel additionally alleged mental harassment by Hoppy through negative media coverage and negative comments about her to the child. According to Frankel, Hoppy also violated the terms of their separation agreement by attending religious services with Bryn without consultation.

The next hearing is scheduled very soon, and legal representatives of Frankel and Hoppy had no comment regarding the issues. Any divorce case, whether for a rich and famous couple, or a middle-class pair, can be settled on good terms, or it can turn ugly and accusatory, as in this case. An experienced Dallas family law attorney will be able to provide legal assistance and guidance to ease the process.