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Filmmaker Michael Moore in High Asset Divorce Battle

Texas moviegoers may be familiar with director Michael Moore. His films, including Roger and Me and Bowling for Columbine, have been very successful. According to recent news reports, Moore is currently battling his wife over jointly owned assets and their valuation in their high asset divorce. Moore has accused his wife of being a spendthrift who wasted marital funds to build an extravagant mansion, prompting bad press about Moore’s wealth.

Moore and his wife of more than two decades own significant assets including multiple residences and business interests. Nine real estate holdings in New York and Michigan and a large condo in Manhattan are on the list of property holdings. The couple’s Michigan lakefront mansion has attracted the most controversy and bad press due to its opulence, which has apparently infuriated Moore.

Six media stories about the Michigan property published in 2011 have been included in Moore’s list of trial exhibits. One of these articles suggests the $2 million lakefront home made him part of the richest one percent of the U.S. population. Others have argued the mansion has made him look hypocritical, especially given the nature of his work. The anti-war activist and filmmaker apparently plan to use the articles to prove that his wife’s extravagance is responsible for damaging his reputation.

High asset divorce cases often lead to complex issues of asset valuation and acrimonious litigation. For a high-income Texas spouse going through a divorce, an experienced family law attorney with a sophisticated understanding of valuation issues can be a valuable resource.