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Stevie J Arrested for Failing to Pay Child Support

Although Texas has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, divorce is not an elusive phenomenon, with national figures falling around 50 percent. Couples may choose to dissolve their marriage for different reasons, but the legal implications following a divorce are mainly the same. Along with property division and spousal support, married couples with children are faced with the additional hurdle of child support.

In a recent case, actor and record producer Stevie J was recently arrested for failing to pay approximately $1 million in child support. Child support is a periodic payment typically paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent following a divorce. The amount is intended to provide for the various financial needs that arise while raising the child. The non-custodial parent may have to pay the amount to a government agency or a legal guardian in some cases if the child is in their care.

Stevie J, a 40-year-old record producer famed for winning a Grammy award, was arrested on Monday. On Tuesday, during his appearance in court, the court ordered him to be held until a hearing could be held on bail. The bail hearing was scheduled for Wednesday. No comments were available from his attorney regarding the arrest or proceedings.

In this child support claim, the man was accused of failing to pay his child support for his children, despite earning $27,000 monthly.

Formal accusations point toward the fact that the record executive did not pay child support by his own volition for nine months of the previous year. During 2013, his income was $193,000 in total from his role on a national television show, along with $100,000 from royalties. The music channel refused to provide any comments regarding the matter.

Legally failing to pay child support calls for penalties, including criminal charges, imprisonment, fines, and other penalties. Willful refusal to pay child support ordered by the court is often met with aggressive consequences through the legal system, and an experienced family law attorney may be able to assist in such circumstances.