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An Experienced Texas Attorney Can Help in Child Custody Battles

Emotions can run high, particularly if children are involved in a divorce. Most parents in Texas would agree that a prolonged, unpleasant child custody battle can be a draining experience. Most U.S. courts, including those in Texas, would consider the best interest of the child first when granting child custody rights to a parent.

As you battle child custody proceedings in court, it is important that you are guided by a professional, who not only has extensive experience in the field but will also ensure that the outcome is in your favor. The attorney in Texas needs to protect your rights under the Texas Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. It should be noted that most courts allow a shared parenting plan. This plan discusses all child custody agreement terms, including each parent’s responsibilities, which are outlined in great detail.

Developing this plan can be time-consuming because it has to be thorough and here too, you will need the help of an astute attorney who can help you to navigate through the process. A shared parenting plan considers several factors, such as a schedule for overnight visits; holiday and vacation schedules and a plan for decision-making for issues such as education and extracurricular activities. Even seemingly minor details like picking up and dropping off the child have to be considered in child custody proceedings.

There is another issue in child custody. That is parental relocation. Most Texas child custody orders place a restriction on how far the parent can move from the child and you may need an accomplished attorney who will argue compellingly in favor of what is in the child’s best interest. The court will take into account several factors, such as the reason behind the move, the ages of the child or children and the distance of the parent’s new geographical location from the child. Here too, you will need an experienced attorney who can support you during the trying times.