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Finalizing High Asset Divorces Often Requires Expert Advice

Divorce can bring into sharp focus a range of nebulous issues, particularly when it comes to spouses who have high-value assets. Not only are privacy and reputation at stake, but also issues such as property division can be quite intriguing when it comes to a high asset divorce in the United States, particularly in Texas. These kinds of cases are when you need a highly efficient attorney who will handle your case with discretion and integrity.

In high asset divorce cases, many issues may be at stake, including an individual’s main or primary residence, investments and retirement portfolios, closely-held businesses, and other valuables, such as jewelry, cars, artwork and so on. Dealing with all this can be quite stressful and a divorcing couple needs the support of an experienced, compassionate attorney who is also very effective in handling these matters.

It is also very common for a high net-worth couple to sign a prenuptial agreement so that there are no tiffs over the property in the event of a divorce. The Parker Firm has attorneys who are skilled negotiators adept at devising singular agreements that work well for each couple. In many instances, a proactive approach taken by a committed attorney is the only way to successfully handle a high asset divorce.

Also in a high asset divorce, a person needs quick representation, particularly to identify the marital property, put a value on assets, and ensure the protection of the property. A person going through a divorce also needs someone who has represented professionals, executives, business owners, and other high wage earners and will put that experience to work for them.