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What Is the Process for Child Support With the Tag Office?

The Child Support Division of the Attorney General of Texas helps parents get financial assistance for the care and growth of their child. Besides establishing the paternity of the child, the Attorney General encourages both parents to be involved in the lives of their children. So what is the objective of the child support program and how does a parent apply for it?

The child support program helps contact absent parents, establishes the paternity of the child, and enforces child support and medical orders. The program is also responsible for collecting and distributing child support funds. The Attorney General’s office accepts applications from parents who place a request for services, but the attorneys do not represent any parent. None of the parents have any right to select any enforcement action. Rather, the Attorney General’s office provides services for children’s benefits.

The Attorney General’s Office has also developed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, which certifies them to immediately receive child support. A needy person does not have to pay any fee with the application. However, custodial parents, who do not qualify for TANF will have to pay a $25 fee every year. This fee is deducted from the child support service.

Parents may apply for child support through the field offices or contact numbers given on the website. There are many factors involved in child support and in some cases, an entire range of services may be required such as locating an absent parent, establishing a child support order, or establishing the paternity of the child. However, in order to apply for the child support program, the Attorney General’s office requires a good deal of information, including the current address of the parents.