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Child Support Disputes May Be Complex but Can Be Resolved

Child support in Texas is governed by state guidelines. These guidelines consider several factors and, ultimately, the child support process can become quite complicated. Any couple who is going through a divorce may wish to consult an experienced attorney who understands the child support process thoroughly and can ensure that the court issues a fair child support order.

The Parker Firm’s attorneys have more than eight decades of experience in handling child supportĀ cases. Our attorneys have dealt with complex child support matters that involve the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, as well as other federal laws. We also have represented parents on both sides of the child support issue. Our attorneys will ensure that parents get a child support order that is customized to their needs. We also take steps to make sure that all expenditures and exemptions are factored into the child support calculation.

An experienced, knowledgeable attorney knows that child support is determined on the basis of the income that would have been available had the parents not getting divorced. The court uses a formula in order to determine the amount of child support that the supporting parent should pay. However, sometimes a parent may not be able to pay the amount of child support ordered by the court. The parent can then request a modification of the child support order. In those types of situations, a person will most likely need the support of an experienced attorney.

Our seasoned child support attorneys are well aware of all of the factors that determine child support, including the parents’ income and daycare expenses. We know exactly how to argue your case in court so that the outcome will be as positive as possible.