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Man Forced to Pay Child Support for Child Who Was Not His

Any Texas resident would probably agree that divorce comes as a blow to the children involved. They often find it difficult to accept the fact that their parents will no longer live under the same roof. In the best interest of the child, courts throughout the country, including those in Texas, often give child custody to one parent and order the other to pay child support. It is mandatory to pay child support and any parent who does not is severely penalized. But what happens when a parent is forced to pay child support for a child that is not his?

In a recent incident, a man has been compelled to pay child support for a child that is not his. The man has already paid out thousands of dollars in child support and now a recent DNA report reveals that there is zero probability of the child being his. What is more, the man has not even seen the child and does not know what the child looks like.

The man has been forced to pay child support because when the child was born, the mother had named him as the father. The man has fallen behind in his payments and the figure owed is now at $21,000. The man says that he has found it difficult to make payments and, sometimes, he was unable to pay for food and electricity in order to make these payments. Now, the mother has sent a letter to the court exempting the man from child support payments, saying that he is not the father. The temporary freeze on his 401(k) has also been lifted.

The man says that his battle was a tough one, but he never gave up hope. According to the Texas Attorney General, even with the mistaken identity, the man would still be responsible for any child support that he still owes.