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Effectively Guiding Clients Through the Collaborative Approach

Many residents of Texas, as well as residents across the United States, believe that a divorce is a contentious matter and there is often a feeling of animosity between the spouses. However, the collaborative law approach has changed that to a great extent. The collaborative law approach allows the spouses to sit down and, with their attorneys, settle on the terms of the divorce. Other related concerns, such as child support, child custody and property division, are resolved without any court interference.

Collaborative law has several benefits. One of the most important benefits is that the divorcing couple feels that they are in control of their situation. They have a say in drafting their divorce agreement. Hence, there are fewer disputes that occur in the future. However, for a collaborative law approach to become effective, the spouses need the support of an attorney.

An experienced attorney can translate the benefits of collaborative law, such as reduced stress for children and their parents, increased privacy for the spouses, the capacity to implement creative solutions at the spouses’ own pace and fewer disputes later on. Both spouses are usually represented by attorneys. The attorney will have all of the information regarding finances, real estate and other matters that can mar the divorce negotiation at any point in time.

Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC, with decades of experience in family law, can effectively guide its clients through the often-complicated divorce process. The firm’s attorneys understand that the objective is to enter into a workable agreement to which both parties must adhere.