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How Does the Attorney General Help in Child Custody Matters?

Texas residents might agree that divorce is very difficult for children. In the best interest of the child, U.S. courts, including those in Texas, typically award child custody to one parent and order the other parent to pay child support. Both parents are required to take care of the child’s financial needs, irrespective of who has primary custody. If necessary, the child’s legal custody can be changed too.

The Attorney General’s office does not provide services for handling child custody disputes. Information regarding child custody and visitation is provided by Texas Access and Visitation Hotline. Parents can call the toll-free number. The queries are answered in Spanish and English from Monday through Friday. Any parent can download relevant materials and get information on child custody and visitation issues from the Texas Access website.

The Office of the Attorney General also keeps an online directory of service providers in Texas. The directory was designed to help parents after divorce. The online directory can be searched by county, zip code or by service. If a parent is not happy with a child custody or visitation issue, that parent may wish to consult an attorney. If the person cannot afford an attorney, the parent may get legal assistance. It is a federally funded initiative.

A court may also appoint an attorney for the child. There are also additional resources to help resolveĀ child custody and visitation issues. Typically, a custodial parent must allow the non-custodial parent to visit the child. Even if the NCP does not pay child support or is unable to pay child support, the NCP must be allowed to visit the child. The court order on child custody cannot be ignored.