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Helping Texas Parents Understand Child Support Laws

Texas parents who are soon to be divorced have a lot to consider. Child custody and child support are two very large issues that are often difficult to resolve. Oftentimes, too, these matters continue well beyond the time a divorce is settled, as parents may wish to modify a child support or custody order in the future. On both sides of the issue, there can be complex matters that may prove confusing. Thankfully, with the help of skilled and dedicated attorneys, it is often possible to come to a fair resolution that satisfies both the needs of the child and the wishes of the parent.

At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, we have years of experience helping clients understand child support laws. In fact, our 80-plus years of combined experience have assisted parents on both sides of the matter, whether they are seeking child support or seeking to have a child support order modified. Many of the cases our firm has handled involve complex legal issues such as the Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). These cases often involve state and federal laws that can prove to be highly complex.

The complexities involved in child support cases can make it difficult for divorcing parents to feel like they have a grasp on any of the laws involved. The emotions involved can also make it difficult to see the matter from an unbiased perspective. This is why it is often important to have skilled and knowledgeable attorneys helping guide parents through the process. With our many years of experience, our attorneys have proved capable of providing dedicated and vigorous representation to clients. With the help of our attorneys, clients can rest easy knowing that their interests are being fought for.