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Celebrity Chef in Middle of Divorce

Texas residents may find themselves reading about celebrity divorce cases in the news. These cases often involve a large number of assets, and, as such, they can become highly complex. High-asset divorces are sometimes more contentious than divorces involving fewer assets. This is often due to issues with disclosure of assets, valuation, and negotiating the division of so many assets. However, with skilled representation, both parties can often reach a fair resolution.

According to reports, celebrity chef Cat Cora is in the middle of one of these divorces. Texas residents may know Cat from the hit TV series Iron Chef. However, her recent appearance in the news has nothing to do with her TV show, and everything to do with the divorce.

Cat and her wife, Jennifer Cora, have four kids. Jennifer gave birth to three of the children, while Cat gave birth to one. Jennifer is asking for full physical custody of the children. Cat, on the other hand, is requesting joint custody. Reports claim that Cat is the primary breadwinner in the family. As such, Jennifer is requesting spousal support.

Spousal support is often requested of the primary breadwinner in a high asset divorce. This is because it often becomes difficult for the other spouse to maintain the quality of life they have come to enjoy without the other’s income. Sometimes, divorcing spouses may not see eye-to-eye on spousal support amounts and other issues involved in a high-asset divorce, such as property division. In these cases, it can be helpful to have an attorney fighting to ensure that a person’s interests are protected. By doing so, it is possible to pave the way to a smooth separation.