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Is It Possible to Modify Child Support Outside of Court?

As most Texas residents are likely aware, life situations are rarely static. In the blink of an eye, a work situation can change or the cost of living can suddenly increase, leaving one with more or less income. When this happens, all manner of complications can arise. One such complication is that which can happen to child support payments for divorced parents.

The primary breadwinner in a family is often ordered to make monthly child support payments. However, in the wake of an occupational change, these child support payments may become unreasonable. A parent may decide that they are unable to continue meeting their monthly obligations, at which time they may wish to pursue a child support modification.

For those who wish to pursue a change in a child support arrangement, the question may arise: is it necessary to go to court in order to obtain a child support modification? In certain situations, it may be possible to have a child support order modified outside of court. If a judge included a Cost of Living Adjustment clause in the child support order, it makes it so every year child support payments will change depending on an increase or decrease in the annual cost of living. With the Cost of Living Adjustment clause, it is not necessary to go to court.

However, in many cases, a court case is necessary. In these cases, it can be immensely helpful to arm oneself with the best possible legal strategy. With a vigorous legal strategy, it can be possible to bring before a judge a strong case and better the chances of receiving a needed change in a child support order.

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