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Resolving Joint and Sole Conservatorship Issues in Texas

What most Americans refer to as child custody, in Texas, is known as conservatorship. The term is used to explain the responsibilities and the rights that parents have without specifying the amount of time that a parent spends with the child.

Conservatorship can be one of two types: sole managing conservatorship or joint managing conservatorship. In any child custody decision, the court typically favors joint managing conservatorship. However, what if you feel that the joint managing conservatorship is not really suitable for your child? At that point, you will need the support of an experienced attorney who will fight in an attempt to prove to the court that the joint managing conservatorship is not in the child’s best interest.

There are certain circumstances under which joint managing conservatorship is not really in a child’s best interest. Typically, this is when the parent is abusive or has a domestic violence history. Drug abuse alone, too, is reason enough to deny a joint managing conservatorship. However, the court will need evidence, which you may not be able to provide. Hence, it is better to consult an experienced Texas attorney¬†who can provide sound legal counsel on all matters related to child custody.

There is also another term, known as possessory conservatorship. The court normally assigns this to the parent who does not have sole conservatorship. This possessory conservator has the right to be informed about which school the child attends, the child’s health, and other matters. However, if that parent has the potential to cause harm to the child, the court will not grant possessory conservatorship.

When facing these complicated legal matters, it may be helpful to have the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. The legal team at Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC is wholly dedicated to its clients, doing everything in its power to protect the best interests of children and parents alike. Armed with legal knowledge, negotiation, and litigation skills, and years of experience, we stand ready to help those who need help with custody matters.