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Choosing the Right Texas Divorce Attorney

An attorney can be helpful for those going through a divorce, but it is important for people to choose the legal professional best suited for their needs.

Each year in Dallas, and throughout Texas, numerous married couples decide to split. According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, there were more than 80,000 divorces across the state in 2012 alone. In order to help alleviate some of the stress, and to ensure their rights are upheld, many seek legal assistance. Using the following tips may help people to choose the right attorney for their situation and needs.

Get recommendations from others

It is likely that people who are considering splitting from their spouses know people who have also gone through a divorce. This may include family members, friends or other acquaintances. They may consider talking to them to get a recommendation. If people had a positive experience, they may provide the name of their legal representative. By the same token, they may suggest professionals avoid if they had a negative experience with their lawyer.

In addition to talking to family members and friends, people may also consider asking other professionals for recommendations. Clergy members, accountants and others may meet and work with divorce lawyers in the course of their own work. As such, they may be able to suggest attorneys who they know to be compassionate, supportive and hard-working.

Interview potential lawyers

Not every attorney is the right fit for every family and situation. In order to find the legal professional that will best suit them, the Huffington Post suggests that people interview at least three attorneys before they choose one to assist them with their marriage dissolution. This allows them to get an idea of their record and experience, as well as their personality. Since legal representatives often have support staff who assists with their cases, people may also find it helpful to ask to also meet them.

Consider the costs

When interviewing potential attorneys, it is also important for people to ask about their pricing. If a lawyer’s fees are more than a person can afford, then he or she may need to consider other legal representatives. Sometimes, an attorney’s fees may be affordable, however, a person may not have the money for the retainer upfront. As such, they may find it helpful to ask about payment on contingency. This may allow them to pay their attorneys’ fees after they have received their divorce settlement.

Watch out for red flags

Most attorneys, as is the case with other professionals, will try to put their best foot forward during interviews and initial consults to try to secure the business. There are some signs, however, which may indicate that a lawyer will not be the right fit. For example, attorneys who are distracted by emails, phone calls, or other interruptions during a consultation, may not be able to provide a person’s case with the attention he or she needs. It is also helpful to watch how attorneys interact with others in their offices and other attorneys. If they are disrespectful or short with them, that may be a sign that they are not the best option to work out resolutions for the division of property, and other issues that may arise during a divorce.

Making a choice

The divorce attorney people in Texas choose will represent them in negotiations with the other side, and in court. Although divorce is the end of their marriage, they must generally live with the settlements and agreements that are reached. Therefore, it is important to choose an attorney who is qualified and able to provide the support they need.