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The Uniform Child Custody Act in Texas

Understanding child custody laws in Texas can be tricky. However, these laws can be immensely important, as they may play a part in determining the outcome of a child custody case. Many parents often place a great amount of importance on child custody. After all, the ruling in a child custody case will decide how much time a parent will get to spend with their child. Thankfully, there are attorneys available with expertise in child custody laws.

There are some laws involved in child custody cases that are state-specific. For instance, courts in Texas are required to consider the child’s own wishes — not just that of the parents — when making a child custody decision. Texas also recognizes joint custody as an option and honors the visitation rights of grandparents. And, as with every other state, Texas has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act.

The Uniform Child Custody Act was created as a way to minimize the potential child custody complications that may arise when divorced families move across state lines. Because of the act, states can recognize and enforce custody orders made in other states. For example, as stated earlier, Texas recognizes joint custody as an option. However, six other states do not. The Uniform Child Custody Act prevents complications from arising if a divorced Texan were to move to one of those six states.

As becomes apparent, there is a lot involved in child custody cases that may not be initially obvious. With the help of an attorney, however, it is often possible to clear up some of the confusion inherent in these cases.

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