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Do I Have to Attend Mediation?

Divorce in Texas

Getting a divorce is a multifaceted process in Texas. As the paperwork begins and the process starts, additional items can be added to you and your spouse’s checklist of things to do during the divorce. Often that process may include additional mediation sessions, which raises several questions. Is mediation mandatory? Is mediation something prescribed by state law? Can a judge assign mediation sessions?

What Mediation Is

Mediation is a process in which two parties get together with a neutral third party called a mediator who facilitates meetings and communication between the parties. The mediator, often an attorney or trained professional, will go back and forth between the parties and communicate potential agreements that benefit both parties.

Why Mediation Helps

While not always a perfect solution, mediation allows a divorcing couple the opportunity to work out solutions to common divorce topics such as child custody, child support payments, alimony, and property division. Being able to solve such issues can often save more money in the long run and save time without the need to attend a trial.

When Mediation is Mandatory

Mediation is not required by Texas law as it relates to divorce. However, a judge can and often will require mediation sessions when parents are unable to come to agreements prior to a trial. If a judge issues a court-ordered mediation session, then those involved in the divorce case must attend the session to attempt a solution.

In many cases, a judge will not allow a divorce case to reach a hearing unless there has been an attempt at mediation. In the event a required mediation session is assigned but never takes place, a judge can decide to dismiss the case entirely, thereby halting the divorce and keeping the marriage intact. Therefore, it is incredibly important that divorcing spouses attend any court-ordered mediation.

Who Can Help Your Mediation

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