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How to Create a Parenting Plan

Coming to an Amicable Agreement

Parents care about the wellbeing of their children, which is why determining custody issues can be filled with tension and heated arguments. Creating a parenting plan that works for all parties and benefits the child, however, can be done. Here are key things to consider when it comes to creating a parenting plan.

Required Information

Texas law mandates that certain pieces of information be included in all parenting plans. These required tenets include the following:

  • Whether or not each parent is a managing conservator (making decisions on behalf of a child) or possessory conservator (child resides with them).

  • Which parent is the “custodial conservator” and decides the child’s primary place of residence.

  • The decision-making responsibilities of each parent and whether that power is given to one person or shared between the two (this includes areas such as medical decisions or school choice).

  • A possession and access schedule outlining when each parent is spending time with the child.

  • Any provisions given that eliminate as many disruptions as possible to a child’s routine, educational habits, and social life.

  • Any information on child support payments, including who is paying and how much they are paying.

Working off the Standard

In addition, you can also add information based on the Texas standard possession order (TSPO). The TSPO includes all information above as well as the following:

  • If a conservator is not able to spend regularly scheduled time with a child, then that parent must notify the other.

  • Each conservator can appoint another adult to act as someone who picks up and drops off the child.

  • The child should return home with the items they brought with them.

  • When a non-custodial parent has time with the child, they should pick up the child from either school or the custodial parent’s home.

All of these pieces of information come together to create a successful parenting plan.

Work With Your Spouse

It is important to work together with your spouse to come to an amicable agreement that works for both of you and benefits your child. Remember to utilize your attorney throughout the process and to put your child’s needs first when planning.

Work With An Attorney

Conservatorship matters can be tricky and sensitive. Hiring an attorney to handle your custody case can bring peace of mind as you work to a solution. At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, we know custody matters can be sensitive, which is why we are available to help you throughout the process.

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