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Can I Get Spousal Support Before My Trial?

Needs Throughout the Process

In a Texas divorce, there may be provisions made for spousal maintenance payments as a part of your settlement agreement. Your need, however, may be greater than this, and you may require some sort of support throughout the entirety of your divorce. Texas law makes provisions for this type of temporary support under certain circumstances.

Here is what you should know:

Temporary Spousal Support

In order to protect the temporary well-being of a financially dependent spouse throughout the divorce, a temporary spousal support order may be issued.

  • This type of order assigns spousal support payments made to the dependent spouse that will last while the divorce is pending.
  • A temporary support order could also include the dependent spouse’s legal fees.
  • The amount of support received will be determined based on the needs of the applicant.

How to Seek Temporary Spousal Support

If you believe you need spousal support throughout your divorce, there are a few ways of notifying the court.

  1. You can apply for temporary support in your initial petition for divorce or as a separate motion.
  2. Once filed, a hearing will be set and a judge will determine if temporary support is needed as well as the potential amount.

Note that filing a motion for temporary support does not guarantee you will receive it. A judge will order temporary support should they deem it both necessary and equitable.

Seek the Help of a Texas Divorce Attorney

The financial impact of divorce can feel overwhelming and difficult to bear. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about your financial future. If you believe that you will need support throughout your divorce, let Verner Brumley Mueller Parker help you navigate that road.

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