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Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney

Key Questions For Your Search

The decision of which divorce attorney to hire for your case is an incredibly important one that requires weighing many factors and seeing who will best meet your needs. Part of your process should be asking the divorce attorneys you meet various questions to learn more about their background, experience, and process. What questions should you ask?

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Experience is one of the key traits that you should look for when searching for a divorce attorney. You want to make sure that the person you are trusting with your case knows enough about divorce to not only navigate the legal process but to guide you on what decisions you should make.

Do You Specialize in Divorce?

This is a necessary question, as you should consider an attorney who not just advertises divorce on their website but clearly knows the ins and outs of the process and has results that can testify to their experience.

How Will I Be Charged?

Planning the financial aspects of a divorce is necessary to ensure that you are able to have a picture of what payments will look like. You should ask how the divorce attorney handles payments. You can even add a question asking what they might expect your overall cost of divorce to be (note, however, that this can be a difficult question to answer and depends on the unique factors surrounding your divorce).

What Is Your Strategy for My Case?

After sharing the details of your case with the attorney, asking them about how they would approach your divorce is a good question to ask. If you have a goal in mind (perhaps specifically related to issues such as asset division or child custody), they may be able to work your goal into their legal strategy. Regardless, knowing whether your attorney specializes in negotiating settlement agreements or going to court and working through litigation can help you learn what you could expect your divorce to look like.

What Can I Reasonably Expect?

This is perhaps the most loaded question; everyone’s divorce is different and involves a variety of unique factors specific to them. A divorce attorney can help you understand what you could reasonably expect to see regarding the outcome of your case. Remember, though, that no attorney can guarantee you a specific outcome. Your divorce may look similar to others they have handled, yet every divorce has its own specific identifying factors that can make it very different.

How Can I Get Started?

It’s important to get to ask your questions of the attorney you are considering through a meeting, known as a consultation. Consider getting that consultation scheduled, remembering that scheduling such a meeting does not mean you are automatically retaining their services but are seeking information. At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, our team of attorneys wants to meet with you to learn more about you and your case and to help you understand how you can move forward in the process.

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