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Social Media and Divorce

Refraining from Posting Throughout the Process

Social media can be a great tool to keep up with friends and family who you may not get to see every day, but it can also be dangerous to your divorce proceedings. You may not realize it, but logging out of your social media accounts during your divorce could be one of the wisest decisions you could make. Read on to learn why you should refrain from using social media during divorce.

Misinterpretation of Posts

What you post on social media during your divorce, no matter how seemingly harmless at the time, could actually be used against you. For example, a post about spending a night out with friends could be misinterpreted as irresponsibility as a parent and could be used against you when determining child custody.

In addition, it can be very easy to badmouth your spouse on social media, even if you cloud yourself in anonymity. Doing so can lead to significant repercussions on the final outcome of your divorce agreement. Rather than risk your posts being used against you, it is far wiser to refrain from posting altogether during your divorce.

Comparison to Others

“Comparison is the thief of joy” as some say, and nowhere can this be more true than in the world of social media. It’s so easy to look at the posts of your friends and family and wish that your life could look like that. When you take that approach and compare your life to the life your friends and family are displaying on social media, you can begin to have more feelings of sadness than you might already be feeling.

Logging out of social media prevents you from seeing what others choose to highlight on their social media feeds. While divorce can be incredibly difficult, you do not have to let it completely rob you of your joy.

Get Advice from Your Attorney

Keep in mind that your attorney is an excellent resource to have at any stage throughout your divorce. If you have questions or need their guidance, you should reach out to them and schedule a time to review what is going on.

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