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How to Handle Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Moving Forward During the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for people who have gotten divorced. On a day centered around showing your significant other love and appreciation, it can be easy to regress into feelings of loneliness and depression. Rather than let yourself sink into these negative emotions, consider the following tips to help you move forward on this holiday.

Stay Off of Social Media

Valentine's Day is often accompanied by many social media posts that highlight the love two people have for one another. As someone who has seen their relationship fade away, seeing those posts consistently across your timeline can be difficult. You may be tempted to compare your situation to those of your friends and family, and, in doing so, you may struggle with feelings of sadness. It may be better to completely avoid social media on Valentine’s Day to avoid letting these negative feelings take hold of you.

Treat Yourself with Self-Care

Traditional methods of self-care, including regular exercise and eating healthy, can do wonders for your mental health. On Valentine’s Day, however, you may wish to go above regular methods and give yourself a bit of a treat. Self-care tactics such as taking a bath, getting a massage, or enjoying special treats (in moderation, of course) can help you as you manage your feelings on Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy the Company of Single Friends

Remember that you are not the only person who may be going through Valentine’s Day by yourself; many others (including some people you may know) may also be single on this couples’ day. Consider getting together with some of your single friends and enjoying one another’s company. The company of others can elevate your mood and help you enjoy the day rather than feel sad about your relationship status.

Do You Have Questions About Divorce?

If you are considering filing for divorce, you may have many questions about the process or what to expect. If you are unsure of anything related to divorce, you should speak with an attorney who can answer your questions and help you prepare for what’s next. At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, our team can help you set realistic expectations about the divorce process and can guide you to the best decisions as you move forward.

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