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Drinking May Show Chance of Divorce, Need for Collaborative Law

Many people in Texas have heard the saying, “The family that plays together, stays together.” A new study out of an American university suggests that the couple that drinks together may just stay together more than a couple with different alcohol habits.

The University of Buffalo followed newly married couples over a nearly one decade period to chart both their drinking habits and their incidents of filing for divorce. The study shows that half of the pairs with different drinking habits split up while only around a third of couples with similar behaviors filed for divorce.

An analyst believes that it is a couple’s behaviors with alcohol and not alcohol itself that creates the rift in the marriage. Noting that couples with different drinking habits can have different social experiences, drinking habits appear to be a reasonable factor for judging if the members of a married couple are well suited to each other.

Whether a couple is compatible can make a big impact on how its divorce unfolds if divorce becomes the path for the marriage. While some couples are unable to work together in a reasonable manner and require the intervention of the judicial system, others may be able to put their differences aside in a collaborative law divorce.

Collaborative law saves couples time and money by permitting negotiations over divorce matters to occur outside of a court. It can also save the family some emotional stress if the divorcing pair is able to work amicably together to end its marriage. Regardless of whether alcohol or another difference drives a couple to seek out a divorce, Texas family law professionals can assist such individuals in working toward an acceptable end to their marriages.