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Rapper/Actor Ludacris Embroiled in Child Custody Dispute

Texas residents may grow tired of hearing about celebrity divorces and family issues in the news, but these cases often provide valuable insight into the legal process. Whether one is struggling with issues of property division, child custody, child support, or alimony, knowing one’s legal rights can go a long way toward protecting that party’s interests. In the case of child support, reaching a favorable resolution may be important in providing the child with a strong, financially supported upbringing and in keeping both parents involved, at least financially, in the child’s life.

One celebrity is now facing his own child support battle. Christopher Bridges, known as Ludacris and famous for his rapping and acting skills, has been sued by the mother of his daughter for child support. Bridges have tried to cap his support payments at $1,700 a month, but the child’s mother would like to see that number be much higher. She claims Bridges can afford to pay extra since he allegedly spends $7,000 a month on lawn care and several thousand dollars more on his pets. Though the amounts, in this case, may be higher than those seen in other cases, the heated dispute is far from unique.

There is no doubt that raising a child can be expensive. Medical needs, clothing, food, school supplies, and extracurricular activities can add up quickly. It is for this reason that typically both parents are required to financially provide for their child. The amount each parent pays can be negotiated amongst the parties and made legally binding through a signed written agreement. Many times, however, these issues go before a judge who will make the ultimate decision.

No matter which side a party stands on, trying to obtain child support or trying to minimize it, a Texas attorney can be helpful. The lawyer can negotiate with the other party to reach a fair resolution that keeps both parties involved, fight for an adequate amount in front of a judge, seek a lesser and more fair amount, or file for a child support modification.

In the end, child support is about protecting the child’s best interests. An attorney will do this while also protecting a parent’s interests so that he or she can be there for his or her child, should he or she desire to do so.