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TX Girl Found After Going Missing During Child Custody Dispute

Most divorcing couples would agree that child custody issues are among the most serious concerns that arise when a marriage fails. When parents fight for child custody, the child’s well-being is at stake. Most family courts in the U.S., including those in Texas, give rulings with the best interest of the child in mind. Yet there are parents who flout rules and run away with the child. This could lead to serious trauma to the child and, once arrested, the imprisonment of the parent.

In a recent case, a Texas girl, who was abducted about 12 years ago, has been rescued in Mexico. The girl, who was four-years-old at the time, is now 17. The kidnapper, her mother, 44, has been arrested by the FBI, the Mexican Federal Authority, and U.S. Marshals. However, the child could not be reunited with her father since she is undergoing treatment. The father has remarried and has children with his present wife. In a twist to the case, the father said that the girl does not want to meet him or his family. He is respecting the child’s wishes.

The girl’s return marks an end to a 12-year-long child custody battle when the mother flouted the court order and fled with the child. The father said that he had spent a lot of time traveling to Mexico. The child has been the victim of parental alienation and is now receiving counseling. The father is hopeful that she will recover soon and will reunite with him.

The father admits that the girl is in a bad shape and he is willing to wait. A child custody issue like this can indeed put a lot of strain on the nerves, and it may help to consult a Texas attorney to learn of applicable legal rights and how best to protect them.

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