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Avoiding a Battle Through a Collaborative Divorce Approach

Residents of Collin, Texas, may have heard of people who have endured a bitter divorce, with neither partner willing to concede to the other. In such cases, it is up to the judge to try to bring the issue to a speedy and appropriate conclusion. However, in some cases, it may be possible to take a softer approach, which requires the cooperation of both spouses. This may be more easily accomplished if the spouses do not have to make repeated appearances in court and, instead, are only involved in a focused discussion.

This alternative, which stems from collaborative law, seeks agreement between the two spouses and looks at divorce as a problem requiring resolution rather than as a fight that can be won or lost. While a typical divorce proceeding might have a more formal court setting, mediation under collaborative law can take place in a more casual atmosphere. This is essential to achieving an out-of-court agreement between the spouses, which is the usual objective for collaborative law divorce proceedings.

However, even this procedure requires the two separating partners to have their attorneys present. Their presence primarily ensures that the proceedings do not go off course. Additionally, arriving at a resolution might take several rounds of discussion, but it is still preferable to litigation, considering the greater financial strain involved.

Sometimes, these discussions also need to cover issues such as property division and child custody. This requires the additional presence of a financial expert or a child services professional. Eventually, when all parties concerned arrive at a mutually agreeable arrangement, they can present it to a court for approval of the divorce.