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Texas Parents Arrested for Failure to Pay Child Support

Marriages may end for different reasons, but the legal implications almost always remain the same. Along with spousal support and property division, couples with children face the additional burden of deciding the issue of child support.

Because it is in the best interest of the child, parents are expected to pay child support on time. Yet, many parents are delinquent. In a recent report, a Texas county law enforcement division arrested 16 parents for failing to make timely payments of child support. The sweep was held last week in conjunction with guidance from the child support division of the Texas attorney general’s office. The attorney general said that it is the legal duty of parents to pay child support. By ensuring that parents pay up, the division is doing its part to secure a healthy future for young Texans.

The child support division helped local police with logistic support for this recent sweep. Delinquent parents can face imprisonment of six months and cash bonds parents pay for their release have been transferred to the custodial parents and also children. Dallas parents who owe child support can avoid arrest by contacting the county jail to make arrears. The child support division helps locate parents who are hiding to avoid payment and even establishes the paternity of babies born outside of marriage. It also enforces child support orders and collects and distributes payments.

The Texas attorney general’s office collected $3.8 billion the first eight months of the year, it was reported. Child support and its timely payment are indeed very sensitive issues, sometimes with negative consequences.

Source: Focus Daily News, “Tarrant County Constables Conduct Child Support Roundup,” Sept. 18, 2014