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Protect Financial Records and Personal Data During Divorce

Almost all divorces in Dallas, Texas and elsewhere address dividing marital property, whether simple or complex. Property division is an intrinsic part of any separation procedure. Today, securing personal data along with finances have become important aspects of any divorce proceeding.

A recent survey revealed a shocking fact that although most spouses trust each other, one in every five were likely to access their spouse’s social networking account once every month. The survey revealed that one-third of surveyed adults had requested their partners to delete personal information from their social media accounts relating to them when they ended their marriage or relationship.

One-third of respondents to the survey admitted to cyber-stalking their partners as well. This statistic implies a need to protect one’s personal data, in the unfortunate event of a separation from a spouse or relationship partner.

If a couple completely agrees about something as critical as property division, protection of credit card information and other financial information, along with passwords of e-mail accounts and social media accounts, may be relatively easy to achieve. In cases of more complex but mutually agreed-to divorces, seeking a collaborative divorce or divorce through arbitration or mediation might be a better alternative solution.

However, if disagreement and discord is present between two divorcing individuals, a traditional divorce procedure through the Texas court system might be the only option for finalizing a divorce. However, it must be noted that a court procedure is more costly than an out-of-court settlement.

In any case, protecting one’s finances and personal information must be given the utmost priority by individuals going through a divorce to avoid future perils.

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