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Jim Mueller: How Sleep and Snoring Affects a Marriage

Woman sleeping

Marriages can struggle for a number of reasons, but a new study recently found that marriages can sometimes struggle because partners aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. Some people are even going as far as to get divorced because of sleeping problems.

If couples have this very rigid idea that they have to sleep in the same bed otherwise things are going to be destroyed. I don’t think that’s true, I think every marriage is unique and of course we all need sleep; I know how I act when I’m tired. It’s one of those scenarios where if it doesn’t work for you because of loud snoring, constantly getting up, or shifting in bed a lot, you’re actually deteriorating the relationship because you’re so tired for no reason. Some couples are starting to realize it might be better to not always sleep in the same bed.

Older TV shows used to portray certain onscreen couples as having separate beds, and even older generations might have even slept in entirely different rooms. Is that something we might be going back to?

I think the TV of older generations mostly had separate beds just to avoid issues of sexuality and promiscuity. But today it’s more of a scenario that one person in the couple isn’t getting any sleep. Many households have different working schedules and both people need the right amount of sleep.